The most popular men's vest models today

The most popular men's vest models today
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The most popular men's vest models today. 

To create a luxurious and classy image for successful gentlemen, it is indispensable for today's elegant and trendy men's vest models. Vests will help guys build a professional, neat and elegant look in any situation. Besides, to be able to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of users, men's vests are also constantly being more diverse in designs and materials to suit all subjects and all body shapes.

However, what is the most popular men's vest model today and most suitable for guys' physiques? Let's find out with Vmingace right in the following article!

1. What are the types of men's vests?

On the market today, men's vests are released with many different designs and styles. However, no matter how richly modified, men's vests are usually only designed in the following 3 main styles:

Savile Row: This is a British-style men's vest, the shirt is characterized by 2 buttons and 2 slits on the back, designed with pockets on both sides of the shirt, the armpits will be sewn higher and tighter than other styles. American vest. The English vest is designed to feel longer and has sharp details.
Sack Suit: is a style of vest that has appeared for a long time in the United States, around the 1920s, with a slim design and wide armpits and details such as natural shoulder styles, no shoulder pads, The shoulder is sewn narrow, the back has a slit and especially the pocket has a flap. Sack suit is attached with 3 buttons, but the top button is sewn into the lapel, the wearer usually only buttoned the shirt in the middle.
Italian vest model: this is a very popular style of vest these days, featuring large shoulder straps, no flap pockets, a tight waist that enhances the wearer's figure, and no slit in the back. completely different from the above two styles.

2. The most popular men's vest models 2023

High-class men's vest is a kind of outfit that brings a luxurious and sophisticated beauty to every gentleman. Therefore, this shirt also receives no small favor in the fashion industry and is constantly cared for by designers to create the most stylish and modern designs, creating new trends. Here, let's take a look at the most popular men's vest models in 2023 with Vmingace!

2.1. Men's body-hugging vest

The men's body-hugging vest not only brings a youthful and stylish appearance but also shows the wearer's temperament. The characteristic of this shirt is the form that hugs the wearer's body. So, for guys with a standard, petite body, this is a great choice to help guys enhance their physique.

With a modern, youthful design, the vest is very suitable for young men rather than middle-aged men. Depending on the situation and appearance, you choose the shirt that comes inside accordingly. If you want an elegant and dynamic look, you can go with t-shirts or polo t-shirts, and if you want to bring a more mature and luxurious look, you can mix it with men's shirts. These are all the most popular  office men's suits .

Áo vest nam ôm body

Men's body-hugging vest

2.2. Beige tone vest is becoming more and more popular

This vest is a blend of modern and classic styles. With beige tones, it will give guys a luxurious and classy look like a prince on a white horse coming out of a fairy tale. Not only that, with gentle colors, it will help young boys look a few years younger and stand out in the crowd.

However, with a vest with such a bright color, it will be suitable for guys with small and thin bodies, it will help them look fuller. In addition, this shirt will be extremely flattering on the wearer's figure and complexion, especially if you have white skin.

 Áo vest tông màu be

Beige tone vest

2.3. Men's vest in ash gray tone

Gray vests are one of the most popular and used styles for men who love beautiful men's vests. Because this is a neutral color that can not only suit many different body shapes, but also has the ability to mix with many other outfits. With this shirt, guys can use it in many situations such as going to work, going to a party or even cleverly mixing & matching, they can also use it to go out and date with that person.

Vest nam tông màu xám tro

Men's vest in ash gray tone

2.4. Navy blue men's vest

Navy blue is one of the most basic colors of hot men's vests in 2023. Navy blue vests bring aristocracy and luxury to elegant gentlemen. With this style of shirt, guys should choose forms with a slight hug to help enhance their physique as well as increase fashion.

In addition, to add dynamism and youthfulness, guys should wear shirts with single buttons and lapels designed in a compact, modern and sophisticated Italian style. With this navy blue color, guys should combine with white or black men's pants to have the most harmonious, luxurious combination and form the most beautiful men's suit.

Áo vest nam tông màu xanh navy

Navy blue men's vest

2.5. Men's vest with plaid pattern

With the shape of traditional vests, it still looks elegant and luxurious. However, the shirt is added with plaid pattern, the stripes will help guys put on a youthful and trendy style than other men's vest models. Not only that, the plaid pattern also creates a special highlight for the shirt as well as the overall wearer, helping the guys to stand out more in every meeting.

Áo vest nam họa tiết kẻ sọc

Men's vest with plaid pattern

3. What should he pay attention to to choose the right men's vest?

In addition to catching the most popular men's vest models to choose a trendy vest, guys also need to note a few things to ensure they choose a suitable vest. Best and most relevant:

4. Conclusion

Surely, luxury and branded men's vest models have always been the top search focus of men ever since. Because these are the items that help men bring the most elegant and sophisticated look in men's outfits. Guys will often use vests to go to work, meetings or important parties to exude their own professionalism and nobility.

Men's vests today are also extremely diverse from designs, models and colors so it will not be too difficult for guys to choose for themselves the most suitable shirt. Besides, Routine hopes that through the article 5 most popular men's vest models in 2023 will also help you easily choose a suitable vest.



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