Size guide

Size guide
Date Submitted: 10 tháng trước

Guide to choosing clothes size. 

Buying the right size clothes that fit your body is always the best. Especially when life is modernized, we often order online to save effort and very convenient.

However, buying clothes online is not always satisfactory, those who do not know how to choose the size of clothes according to their body shape easily buy clothes that are too tight or too wide.

Learn about What is Size S M L XL?


When ordering clothes, we will rely on the basic size parameters indicated under the collar: XS, S, X, L, XL, XXL, ... to choose the right size. But a lot of people still don't understand what these symbols are, in fact each parameter means:

XS (Extra Small): Very small (Because the word Extra reads the first syllable as X, it is abbreviated as XS but it is rarely encountered)

S (Small): Small

M (Medium): Medium

L (Large): Big

XL (Extra Large): Very large

XXL (Extra Extra Large): Very very large

These are common identification sizes so you can choose to buy clothes that fit your body.

How to choose shirt size for men/women


There are 2 ways to buy pressure for men and again, you measure according to your body number or height and weight. I will show you how to measure as follows:

1. Buy men's and women's shirt sizes by height and weight

You should rely on your height and body to help choose the right size without having to change or change again. According to many shop owners, this parameter has high accuracy, often customers will be satisfied when receiving the product.

For example: If you are a male of 1m63 and weigh 48kg, the right shirt size is S If you are a male weighing 48kg and 1m63 tall, your shirt size is size S

For example: 1m69 tall female weighs 49kg, your shirt size is XL

Selecting the size based on weight and scratch direction will be extremely ideal when buying online or suitable for those who need to order in bulk for team and company uniforms.

2. Buy men's and women's shirt sizes according to body parameters

Based on body parameters, you need to pay attention to the chest, shoulders and length of the shirt. If you buy a T-shirt from hug, it should be less when you feel most comfortable. As for normal t-shirts, there is no need to deduct wear and tear, notify the shop owner.

For example: Your body parameters are: Bust: 9 – Shoulder 43 – Cross Lai: 47.5 and shirt length is 65.5, so choose size S.

Note when measuring shirt size:

+ Measure bust: Do not measure your bust if you are not wearing it.

+ Measure your butt: Stand up straight and ask someone to measure for you. Avoid measuring waist circumference when hungry or too full. The best time to measure is when you are about to go to bed.

With the shared knowledge on how to choose the right size for men and women, help you have the knowledge to choose the right shirt size for your body shape.

In general, choosing a shirt size in any way is also accurate. But based on weight and height it will be faster and easier.

How to choose the right pants size for men and women

With the size of the pants is calculated similarly to the size of the shirt, the levels are: S, M, L, ... When choosing to buy pants, you should rely on your height and weight to be more accurate.

Usually men will not care much about the size of clothes and body measurements. It's easier for them if they try on something that fits and then get the size. However, there are clothes that require a good fit to the body, so men should be subjective and need to buy the right size to enhance the overall beauty between the shirt and their physique.

Example: A male friend weighs only 50kg but is 1m78 tall. In terms of height, you should choose size L, but your weight is size S. At this time you should choose according to your height, size L, even though it is a bit wide, but overall it will fit, If you choose size S It will fit the body but it will be short.

Moreover, buying wider than the body, we can fix it easily, squeeze a little bit. And if the length is too short, how can it be fixed, right?

Not only men, but also women should apply this when choosing to buy pants size so you won't be disappointed!









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